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The No Straw Stand is Starting the war on straws in Cardiff” – City Life, Cardiff.

No Straw Stand” – Cardiff Times

Students help get straws banned from major restaurant chain as they aim to save the planet” – Jessica Walford, WalesOnline

‘Students spearhead anti-plastic movement in Cardiff’  – Nick Witts, InterCardiff

‘Earth students take a stand against plastic pollution’ – Cardiff University’s School of Earth & Ocean Sciences

‘Turn the tide on plastic pollution’ –  Alessandro Achille Galli, Cardiff News Plus

“Students persuade 30 firms to stop using straws” – Olivia Williams, The Cardiffian.

Cardiff leading way to become plastic-free city – Laura Clements, The Cardiffian.

We need to stop killing our planet – Jessica Warren, Gair Rhydd


In Print 

“Cerys backs straw ban push” – Jessica Walford, Western Mail, Thursday November 9th 2017.

Students help ban harmful straws from chain’ – Jessica Walford, Wales on Sunday, Sunday January 14th 2018


Galwad Cynnar: I’r Gwellt a’r Gwelltyn – BBC Radio Cymru, Saturday January 13th 2018

Post Cyntaf: The No Straw Stand – BBC Radio Cymru, Monday January 15th 2018


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